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すし  ×  酢


                                                                     Sushi  ×  Su (Vinegar) 

Sushi su is  sushi rice includes vinegar

Company’s name comes with a wish of experiencing a nice sushi culture for several people all over the world just like zoo’s.

Directly by a daughter of sushi chef

Sushido 〜Study the Tradition of Sushi〜
sushi bar beginners can enjoy.
It is recommended for those who want to learn basic Japanese sushi history as well as learn basic knowledge to avoid being embarrassed when there is a sushi bar meeting.
Visitors can also enjoy Nigiri Sushi, a local dish of Tokyo.
It will be an online experience course that you can enjoy it at home.
After you try it, you can consider taking a sushi lesson.
We offer nails as an option.
We provide kanji and sushi nails as well as raising nails in Japanese-style rooms.
​2019 Susy's Zoo Japanese & Nail
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